4-5T/ H Wood Pellet Plant

Total wood pellet production line is developed for industrial manufacturing to make biomass pellets from any kind of kind of agro as well as forestry wastes with output from 1 heap to 10 lot per hour.

The completed wood pellets are extensively used for home heating functions of industrial central heating boilers as well as huge nuclear power plant along with residence use to minimize the power situation as well as fulfill green demands.

A complete wood pellet production line for making wood pellets consisting of:

4-5T/ H Wood Pellet Plant

Raw materials preparation, wood crushing (For logs and other biomass products more than 5mm in dia.), sawdust drying (if the raw product includes moisture of greater than 18%), wood pellets pelletizing, wood pellet cooling, biomass pellets packaging.

Process of Full Wood Pellet Production Line

Raw materials Prep work

Wood pellets can be made from sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips or wood logs, any type of forestry wastes or biomass straws, stalks, and so on.

Raw Material Crushing Process

Crushing maker is made use of for crushing the larger products right into smaller powder for supporting fruit and vegetables wood pellets.

Wood crusher is excellent equipment for crushing raw materials like square logs with diameter less than 200mm; if the product has a diameter less than 50mm, after that wood hammer mill is the most effective option.

The best thickness of the wood chip is much less 5mm. After machine made, the outcome size can get to diameter 3-5 mm, which is convenient for additional handling to obtain dried as well as pelletized.

Biomass Product Drying Process

The most effective moisture content to pelletizing is about 11-17%. So prior to pelletizing, a drying maker is needed to make the dampness content reaches the required standards.

Wood Pelletizing Process

Pellet mill is the considerable part of the wood pellet production line, as well as has trusted as well as secure performance. Ability ranges from 1T to 10T per hour. You can pick ring pass away pellet mill or flat die pellet mill depend upon your ability needs.

Wood Pellet Cooling Process

After pelletizing process, the temperature of wood pellets is between 60-80 levels and also the dampness web content is close to 15%. So a cooler should be utilized to decrease their surface area temperature level and also the wetness material that makes the wood pellets very easy to store, meanwhile assists display great as well as pure pellets.

Wood Pellet Packing Process

After the cooling procedure, packing procedure is essential to safeguard the wood pellets from the damp. our automated wood pellet weighing & packing system takes on PLC control with high evaluating accuracy and also very easy operation is your best selection.

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