When buying biofuel pellet machine?

biofuel pellet machine

Four major problems should be paid attention to when buying biofuel pellet machine.

Biofuel pellet machines are pellets that make wood chips into biomass fuels. There are many biomass pellet mill machine manufacturers on the market that produce this kind of biofuel pellet machine, and many users do not know how to choose when purchasing such biomass machines. The following are 4 major issues that should be paid attention to when buying a biomass pellet machine.

1. How to choose biofuel pellet machine?

(1)Choose a powerful brand company

Although there are many companies on the market that are capable of producing such biofuel pellet machine, the quality of the products produced varies widely. Especially in terms of equipment function and service life, the quality of products produced by strong brand enterprises is better.

(2)Select the machine model that matches the raw materials

Because the granular materials used in different regions are different, some regions have more wood scraps, and some regions have more straw scraps. When purchasing a machine, you should consider the production raw materials, and then choose the biofuel pellet machine specifications and models that match the raw materials.

(3)Consider the spare parts configuration and after-sales service of the machine

Some parts of the sawdust shredder are wearing parts and need to be replaced from time to time. If the purchase of such spare parts is relatively troublesome, it will affect the production. Ask the biofuel pellet machine manufacturer whether they provide door-to-door maintenance services, or what maintenance outlets are there. It can be said that the after-sales service of the manufacturers producing this type of machinery is very important.

(4)Production efficiency

 Before purchasing a biomass pellet machine, the production efficiency of the users who have already purchased should be investigated first.

Before buying a machine, first inspect the biofuel pellet machine production line that others are already running, and then determine whether it is suitable for your own investment in production.

Because some areas are not rich in raw materials for production, raw materials need to be purchased from other places, which will increase transportation costs and lead to unsatisfactory returns. Therefore, to investigate first, you can avoid the risks brought by blind investment.

After the above introduction, it can be seen that the precautions for purchasing a biomass pellet making machine include: choosing a powerful brand enterprise, choosing a biofuel pellet machine model that matches the production raw materials, considering the spare parts configuration and after-sales service of the machine, and checking the existing The user’s production benefit of purchasing the machine, etc.

2. What’s biomass energy?

biofuel pellet machine

The concept of biomass energy can be interpreted in a broad, narrow and legal sense.

In a broad sense, it can be understood as the energy form of solar energy stored in biomass in the form of chemical energy, and the energy with biomass as the carrier can be directly or indirectly derived from the photosynthesis of green plants, and can be converted into conventional solid and liquid , gaseous fuel, is a renewable and the only renewable carbon source.

From a narrow and legal perspective, biomass energy refers to the energy converted from natural plants, manure, and urban and rural organic waste. According to its source, it can be divided into forestry residues, agricultural residues, domestic sewage, industrial organic waste There are six categories of waste residue and waste liquid, urban and rural solid waste and livestock and poultry manure.

Biomass energy is chemical energy and the only renewable fuel that can be stored and transported. Facing diversified and multi-period heating needs, biomass fuel can be flexibly satisfied, and biomass resources are abundant, widely distributed and economical.

Taking the EU region, which is the first in the world committed to low-carbon development, as an example, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and other countries have built a very competitive biomass energy industry chain based on a wide range of agricultural and forestry wastes, and have become the first in the energy market.

The largest coal-fired power plant in the UK is converted to burning biomass, achieving zero carbon emissions, obtaining huge carbon emission reduction benefits, and realizing the compatibility of biomass energy with existing fossil energy infrastructure.

In addition, biomass energy is also the only renewable energy variety that can completely replace fossil energy. In addition to meeting the needs of the three major energy terminals, power, electricity and heat, bio-based materials can also be produced to replace petroleum-based materials, which is also impossible for other renewable energy sources. Biorefinery based on biomass resources is now also emerging as a new industry to replace petroleum refining in the EU.

Biofuel pellet machine is a biomass energy pretreatment equipment. It mainly uses biomass such as wood chips, straws, rice husks, and bark from agricultural and forestry processing wastes as raw materials, which are solidified and formed into high-density pellet fuels through pretreatment and processing.

The advantage of biomass pellet fuel is to make full use of biomass energy to replace coal, reduce CO2 and SO2 emissions, help environmental protection and control greenhouse gas emissions, slow down climate deterioration, and reduce the occurrence of natural disasters.

3. Biofuel pellet machine turns straw and dead wood into fuel treasure

Let me give you an example of a customer in Gansu Province, “turns waste into treasure” from combustible materials such as straw and dead wood, and uses a biofuel pellet machine to generate biomass pellet fuel for heating in winter, which not only protects the environment, but also brings benefits to the masses.

We saw in a customer site boiler room that biomass pellet fuel is being used for heating in the boiler. The staff of Dianzi Township told us that compared with traditional coal, biomass fuel is very environmentally friendly and convenient.

Biomass pellet fuel is a project attracting investment by Dianzi Township. The pellets are mainly made of dead branches, straws and other agricultural and forestry wastes as raw materials. After being processed by pulverizers, biofuel pellet machines and other equipment, they are made into various shaped renewable material fuel machines or directly burned in various biomass boilers.

New clean and green environmental protection Compared with traditional fuels, fuel has the advantages of easy transportation, high combustion efficiency, low residual carbon content, low composition of harmful gases emitted during combustion, and ash can be directly used as fertilizer.

The use of biofuel pellet machine not only solves the problem of nowhere to stack agricultural and forestry wastes of surrounding farmers, but also increases farmers’ income. Villager Dong Zhifa burned all the branches he pruned in previous years, but this year he took it to the biomass pellet factory and sold it for more than 200USD.

Biomass pellet fuel has many advantages, but as a new type of fuel, the public’s awareness is not very high. Now, various methods are adopted to strive to make this energy-saving and environmentally friendly heating method accessible to thousands of households.

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