How to use and also maintain wood pellet equipment appropriately?

Grinding before using

Most roller and also level dies in pellet machine are processed by high-heat treatment. After planing, drilling, milling, as well as quenching procedure, there are generally lots of rags inside the die openings, which might affect the pelletizing results as well as production. Therefore, before beginning a brand-new pellet maker, or after changing a new die, you need to grind it extensively.

We use oil mix to process grind the roller as well as flat die. The oil mixture is composed of 20% great sand, 65% biomass products( like sawdust), 15% waste engine oil. Before feeding the oil mixture to the pellet maker, you must change the clearance in between roller and level die to 0.1-0.3 mm. The grinding process ought to last 15-40 min.

For ring die pellet mill, the grinding procedure requires more oil mixture and longer time. The quantity of oil combination is 10% that of pellet production per hr. The grinding time is 30-50 minutes. As well as the clearance between ring die and the roller is 0.1-0.4 mm.

Pretreatment of basic materials

wood pellet mill

The suitable moisture content of biomass products must in between 14% and 20%. Dry products are upsetting shape, moist materials will certainly make the pellets loose. The dimension of the raw materials must be less than the hole dimension of pellet mill dies. Normally, the hole size of the pellet mill die is 6mm and 8mm, and also the size of resources must be under 5mm, or they might obstruct the holes and also decrease pellet production.

The adhesive force identifies the forming price of the pellets Many biomass products include lignin, which would thaw under high temperature and also work as binder. Yet some products like rice husk has low sticky pressure. It need to be blended with sawdust or binders to make pellets

The thickness and also length of the wood pellets.

The thickness of wood pellets is figured out by the hole size of the die. The length is figured out by the slicer. In level die pellet machine, the slicer is mounted under the level die, while in ring die pellet equipment, the slicer is installed outside the ring die. Both of them can be adjusted to achieve different dimensions. For your own usage, it is far better to be brief. For transport and also marketing, it advise to be a little long.

After the wood pellets appear from the pellet machine, they are warm with some steams. They can be dried and also cooled down in an open area, or by a counter-flow colder. Quick cooling can improve the solidity of the wood pellets, as well as assist in storage space and transport.

Do not shut down the maker right after making pellets.

When you completed making pellets, don’t close the pellet maker down at the same time. Include some blended oil and also biomass materials to the pellet equipment and also allow it compete 1-2 minutes. In this way, we can load the die holes with oil blend, to make sure that we can straight start making pellets the following time. With this process, we can not just maintain the mold, but additionally conserve time. When the pellet equipment quits, loosen up the readjusting screw and clear away the left materials.

The maintenance of roller, die, shafts as well as transmission

You should remove all hard things and metal blocks in resources prior to feeding them into the pellet equipment, or they would certainly trigger damages to the roller, die or major shaft. You can mount a tubular magnet on the feed receptacle.

The warmth inside the pelletizing chamber can rise to 80 ℃, and also the roller sustains high pressure throughout operation. As there is no dust protector in the pellet equipment, so you require to tidy up the bearing every 2-5 hours, as well as oil it with oil. After every 8 working hrs, the major shaft need to be fueled oil.

The transmission requirement cleaning every half a year. If there is abnormal high warmth in the gearbox, you can utilize far better equipment oil as well as raise the clearance in between the equipments for maintenance. The attaching screw in the transmission component likewise require to be changed on a regular basis.

How to replace roller and also die?

When the rollers wears out, you can replace the roller covering or the entire set of roller. If the bearing get loosened or locked, you require to change the bearing and even the shaft.

In ring die pellet machine, just loosen the hoop chuck, take the old ring die apart as well as replace it with a new one. If the ring die is fixed with screws, you require to tremble the ring die delicately, as well as remove the screw with even toughness.

In flat die pellet maker, the flat die is set up with maintaining nuts in the keyway. On the 2 sides of the flat die, there are two symmetrical screw openings. You can use the screw motorist to press them out, or utilize a magnet to pull them out. During your pressing or pulling, keep the level die shaking with a hammer, so that the screw won’t stuck in the screw opening.

Protection of the drive engine

Select the matched power according to the required production. If the power is not nearly enough, the production will be low and also the pelletizing impact is poor. If the power is too big, it will take in even more power, speed up the exhaustion, and also shorten the life span of roller and die.

The exam and repair need to be carried out in power off condition. The machine should be put near the functioning area, so regarding lower the relocating time as long as feasible. Protect it from water logging, rainfall, electric leak, fire, etc.

Only when we use the pellet machine properly and keep it routinely can we take full advantages of the pellet equipment as well as lengthen its functioning life.

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